The Chinese outgoing tourism is becoming the largest one in the world. For tourism service providers, becoming "Chinese friendly" is key to take advantage of this opportunity. The first step to achieve this goal is to communicate the value of their businesses in the language and by the means Chinese customers understand and appreciate.


Available solutions:

  • localization of websites and apps in a way which ensures that they are appreciated by Chinese customers;
  • elaborate translation of travel guides, brochures, and marketing material dedicated to sophisticated customers who are passionate about Italian art and culture;
  • translation of content for hotels and restaurants, such as menus, guides and service brochures;
  • proofreading and editing of translated texts to guarantee an excellent end result;


Published translations:

  • The Official Fiumicno City Guide published by Comune of Fiumicino;
  • Mobile city guide On your own (Available on the App Store).